Are they over yet?

Being a full-time business owner and mum is great.  But it takes its toll in the summer.

I had a plan to write something about the whole ‘back to school’ period, but then I came across something written by a friend of mine, Sara Southey, which is beautifully put, so rather than write my own, I thought I’d just share it with you.



Don’t get me wrong I love the summer holidays. Family time and seeing my kids chilled and happy without the school pressures is a blessing, mostly.

However, I run my business from home. I timetable my day so that I can always fit in my ‘me time’ around my work and the kids school hours.

Me time is my exercise time to keep my body fit and my mind sane. It is an essential and necessary part of my life to keep me in tip top shape for my life.

But what, in term time, is a well-oiled machine turns into chaos in the holidays!


Me time is harder to maintain in the holidays and could easily not happen at all. Distractions abound. Kids everywhere, no quiet, no space and many taxi requests to various friends’ homes. It is challenging to get my work done, let alone have my regular me time!

Which means it’s even more important to find the time. If I’m not looking after myself, I won’t have the energy to look after others.

My solution? I’ve been getting up at silly o’clock before the teenagers wake up. Keeping my workout simple and quick at home.  While the house sleeps, I get the workout done!

Keeping control of my health and fitness has helped me cope with the holiday chaos.

Knowing I have that dedicated morning time means I am more patient with unexpected disruptions. Working out early gives me more time during the day to work and play.

Now it’s almost September and the teens are bored and are starting to turn into Kevins. So, it is time. Time to return them back to school. Time for the well-oiled machine to come back. I’m looking forward to the peace and quiet. I am only feeling slightly guilty about wishing the last few days of the holidays away!


Stay Strong!

Sara Southey

Fitness Coach



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