Bet you can’t get 10

Disciplinaries. Every employer’s heard of them, maybe some have even used them as part of their “process”. But do you actually know how to conduct a disciplinary in a way that moves you closer to your desired outcome, without falling foul of the long arm of the law? The truth is, most employers don’t. To

Let sleeping dogs lie

Let sleeping dogs lie I ended up with a broken toe the other day, and it was all my dog’s fault; that’s what you get for saving a canine from drowning! I woke up at 1am, needed a “comfort” break and hotfooted it to the bathroom. As it turned out, Comet was sleeping halfway across

Pick a protected characteristic, any one…

Pick a protected characteristic, any one… One of the golf clubs we look after received a grievance letter from a staff member recently. It started off with the claim that he was being “harassed, bullied and victimised” under the Equality Act 2010 (Which is always fun!). Wow, all of those things at the same time?!

Saving a drowning dog

My dog Comet almost drowned last week. And while it was less dramatic than it sounds, it was still awful. We were walking along the towpath when we bumped into an old friend. I stopped to chat, but Comet didn’t fancy a chinwag, commencing his normal bouncing and barking that makes it clear that he

Book promotion

As a regular reader of this blog, you’ll already know that working in HR is very much like working on the submissions team in the creative writing department at Random House. Every day brings a selection of new short stories, each one packed full of unforgettable characters and unexpected plot twists. So many times, I’ve

Sick leave & Social Media

What can I do if I have an employee who is currently on sick leave from work, but they have been posting images of themselves going out on social media? Managing sickness absence is rarely a straightforward task and dealing with someone that you suspect is not genuinely ill has always been at the trickier

Redundancy – Who Can They Bring To The Meeting?

Redundancy – Who Can They Bring To The Meeting? Can they bring a solicitor to the redundancy meeting? As you’d expect, we’re having a lot of conversations about redundancy at the moment, and if you’re sadly having to consider redundancy, then here are some must knows: For all staff that have worked for a continuous

Can you make an employee get the vaccine?

I got a question today from an employee asking whether he could be disciplined for not getting the vaccine if/when it is offered. The government has been pleasantly surprised with the take up of the vaccination programme in the UK so far – they were hoping for a 75% uptake, and they have over 90%