As a regular reader of this blog, you’ll already know that working in HR is very much like working on the submissions team in the creative writing department at Random House.

Every day brings a selection of new short stories, each one packed full of unforgettable characters and unexpected plot twists.

So many times, I’ve been told “you should write a book”, so I finally have!

I’ve brought together all the many awful, amusing and expensive situations that we’ve had to help deal with over the years in a book that any good fiction publisher would turn away.

Employment Law For Private Member Golf Clubs – Keeping You Out Of The Rough

It’s less a relaxing read that’ll help you to drift off to sleep, and rather more a series of learning experiences that’ll keep you out of a tribunal or courtroom.

You’ll discover…

  • The Golf Club employee and the Never-Ending Pregnancy
  • The Golf Club employee and Gun on the Golf Course
  • The Golf Club employee and the cancer that meant he STILL couldn’t be fired

Sure, that last one’s a working title, but it’s a good story, and there’s plenty of them in this book…

  • How one golf club got MONEY BACK when their employee walked out (and you can too)
  • How another club threw away £360,000 for saying “what everyone knows is true”

Every story is 100% true, and unbelievable as they are, I know that many of them will seem completely believable to anyone with experience of running a golf club!

The book is available now on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format, or give the audiobook a listen on Audible or Spotify.

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