Cast your mind back to July last year.

We’d just come out of Lockdown 3, and although life in the UK was returning to normality, it was still super difficult to get on a plane, or travel to other countries.

And there I was looking at holidays for the simpler times I hoped would arrive, and securing myself a cruise for February 2023, via (what I thought was) a delightful broker.

I got back in touch with them the other day, to get my flights booked, as I knew the airlines had released them.

I didn’t quite get the answer I’d hoped for, but with the issue resolved, I bid them farewell and cracked on with the rest of my holiday admin and started trying to book some shore excursions for the trip.

And that was when it became clear that the cruise had been cancelled.

The same cruise I’d been speaking to the broker about, who’d completely neglected to mention it.

I went back to them to query how on earth that had happened, and received a deadpan: “Okay, we’ll refund the money” response.

No apology, no explanation.

And because they didn’t check one – absolutely vital – piece of information, I’ve gone from a raving fan to a vocal critic.

Details matter, especially to your clients, and if you don’t have the information you need at your fingertips at all times, you run the risk of turning happy customers away from your brand, and your business.

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