I’m off to America this week.

It’s a holiday I’ve been anticipating for AGES, but the build-up has been fraught with anxiety, mainly thanks to the prospect of the flight being cancelled, or the baggage handlers going on strike.

To try and counteract the latter point, I decided just to take hand luggage.

And as soon as I did, my whole packing regime felt a lot less stressful.

Suddenly it was extremely clear what I should and shouldn’t take – there was no space for that extra pair of shoes just in case, while including a 200ml shampoo just wasn’t a prudent thing to do.

With that complete clarity in hand, I packed in no time at all, so much so that I’m thinking of retiring from hold luggage.

Such is the power of niching down, and there’s a definite parallel for business.

When you “niche”, choosing a specific market, or section of a market, it’s A LOT easier to serve them.

You know exactly what they’re looking for, the support they need, their precise pain points.

Your marketing improves, your service improves, and your reputation within that market is elevated as a result.

It’s exactly what we’ve done with our Golf HR brand – rather than targeting every business owner with staff, all of whom have very different motivations and industries, we’ve concentrated on private member golf clubs.

The result is over 150 golf clubs on retainer, all getting the bespoke support they need from us.

If you haven’t niched, it might be worth considering how you could make it happen – if you fancy chatting through how we decided upon our “niche”, just let me know!

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