We provide three main packages to our clients, which offer varying levels of support to Hospitality Sector Companies. Of course, no matter what package you choose – we will work with you to protect your business and stay legal to a professional standard!

We will help you choose the right level of support. In our Tribunal Audit meeting we can quickly help you:

  • See where potential staff issues are in your business
  • Highlight any gaps or illegalities in your employee contracts and handbook
  • Create an action plan to deal with the nightmare scenario
Bar HR
“To tick the box”

Lounge HR
“To deal with
everyday staff issues”

Private Room HR
“To deal with ongoing
and potential staff issues

Employment contract
template updated
Emplyoment handbook updated
Unlimited legal updates, including
annual handbook update
Unlimited email support
Unlimited telephone support
Unlimited Zoom calls
Unlimited documentation
Site visits or formal Zoom meetings
(disciplinaries, grievance, redundancy etc)
Formal Zoom meetings
(disciplinaries, grievance, redundancy etc)
Chargeable Chargeable Chargeable
On-site visitsChargeable Chargeable Chargeable
Daily cost of packageLess than a Disney+ subscriptionLess than a Netflix subscriptionLess than a Spotify Family package